The Triangle Agency logo. It says Triangle Agency: a new tabletop roleplaying game. In "Triangle Agency," the As have been replaced with triangles.

Our Kickstarter Video, Edited by Shannon Strucci, Voiced by Carly Monardo, set to "Control Yourself" by Edith Margaret Mudge.

"Equal parts cheeky and deadly serious in its send-up of corporate overreach and work's stranglehold over our lives." - Dicebreaker

Triangle Agency is a new tabletop role-playing game of paranormal investigation and corporate horror. It's inspired by stories like the SCP Foundation, Severance, the X-Files, and Control.

A figure dangles upside-down, wrapped up in the extremely long cord of a rotary phone. Instead of a head they have a silhouette of a profile cut out of a red triangle where their head would be.

Stabilize Reality

Dangerous, reality-breaking Anomalies are everywhere. Explore a modern-day setting and carry out your job: collecting them.

Apprehend Anomalies

Build your campaign from 12 missions created by some of the brightest minds in tabletop gaming and released as a companion hardcover book!

A figure with four arms adjusts its tie while pouring a coffee pot filled with red liquid into its neck, filling up its body with the liquid.

Control Yourself

Advance through life by choosing how to prioritize your relationships, your job, and your own incredible power.

"Shines a satirical lens on corporate handbooks and HR meetings that makes players laugh and grimace in equal measure." - Forbes

A red lamb with many heads and legs wraps around itself, forming a circle. One head of the lamb is highlighted by a diamond that changes the colors inside of it, making the background dark and the Lamb's head extra red. It is a beautiful but unnerving image.

The Delta Test

Our fully playable demo is available on for pay-what-you-want!

"Unlike anything I've seen anywhere else ... gorgeous, brilliant, and a blast to play every time." - KeganExe

The Vault

Experience a year's worth of investigation with this anthology series of missions, created by voices from all over the Tabletop Roleplaying community and edited by Will Jobst!

The Vault is a mission subscription released in monthly installments, and Kickstarter backers will be able to secure a physical copy of the full collection.

Vault Writers

A hardcover book of Triangle Agency: The Vault with a spine that says the title, the number 1, and features the haunted table logo of a ghost surrounding a table. The cover is A hallway with concrete gray walls and a red floor surrounds a large door with a teal border. The door is made out of the petrified body of some large, snake-like monster with many eyes and a huge jaw. Cracks in the stone reveal a starry sky inside of the monster.
Two objects are shown from several angles: The Ripple Gun, which is a bright yellow ray gun with a curly cord and two cute lightbulbs on top, like a prop from an old sci fi show, and the Normal Briefcase, a brown briefcase with gold details and two combination locks on the top.
The Ripple Gun and Normal Briefcase are the two most important pieces of equipment for any Field Agent!
A tall, mostly bald character is closing the Normal Briefcase as red energy splashes out from it.

The Triangle Agency Team

*Currently featured on this website!

Streams & Podcasts

On The Lamb: Episode 1

A substitute teacher, a linguist, and an actual Martian investigate a celebrity ranch resort and end up in a battle with a billionaire for the fate of the Agency! Three action-packed episodes featuring mechanics not published anywhere else.

Blackwater: The Right Angle

In the first of three episodes, our agents are tasked with tracking down an Agency executive gone rogue...

Featuring Em (fae/she) as General Manager, with Cody (they/them) as Indigo Briar, Hotline; Tim (he/him) as Dunn Kruger, Gravedigger; Faye (she/her) as Heather Olivier-Thompson, PR; Pond (they/them) as Generic Nickname, Barista; and Anne (they/she) as SohCahToa, Intern!

Live at Pax Unplugged (2022)

In this first live recording using the Triangle Agency Delta Test, Lead Designer Caleb Zane Huett leads Taylor Moore, Sarah Frank, and KeganEXE on a journey into a corporate headquarters gone horribly awry.

Wandering Monster

A team of Agents navigates clowns, coffins, and copyright as they investigate the remains of a dilapidated Blockbuster Video!

The Weekly Scroll

Lead Designer Caleb Zane Huett and Designer Sean Ireland play with Hunter & Ryan of The Weekly Scroll! Will they survive...and can they contain...THE CUBE?

The Casual Ones

This episode follows three Agents as they take a bizarre walk down memory road.

Featuring Ray Fisher as General Manager, Rebekah Medland as Mauve Intern, Rowan Somerville as Tangerine Control, and Aaron Roberts as Chartreuse Cleaner

Many Realms: an RPG podcast

Many Realms

The courageous and unflappable agents of the Triangle Agency will face whatever it takes - including severed heads, severed feet, spooky hotels, oak tables, and a sinister mall food court - in order to keep their city safe.

A cartoon pigeon wearing a cowboy hat points a revolver off to the side and glares menacingly at the reader

Cowboy X Kiss

On this episode of Oddities Roadshow, casual use of reality-warping abilities leads to the creation of a brand new anime, COWBOY X KISS, and a convention under the control of a movie-loving Anomaly.

No Michael Caines were harmed in the making of this podcast.

Party of 1 Podcast. Two ghostly silhouettes play a roleplaying game set against a giant blue d20.

Field Team of One

A hapless dance teacher is sent on Triangle Agency’s first solo mission to capture an Anomaly that’s using corpses as puppets! Can he dance his way out of this one? Host Jeff Stormer GMs and Lead Designer Caleb Zane Huett plays.

The Department of Variance of Somewhere, Ohio

A Short Trip

The mysterious and powerful Anomaly codename: NOBODY has escaped...again. A group of long-term employees chosen for their loyalty are sent on a mission to apprehend one of the Agency’s greatest enemies for the final time.

Roll d5

Lead Designer Caleb Zane Huett GMs a livestream with the Role D5 crew!

Sword & Key

Sword & Key

Four freshly-assigned Field Agents seek out a Minor Anomaly in a perfectly routine operation :)

DoubleDM Podcast

DoubleDM Pod

Lead Designer Caleb Zane Huett answers Nils & Emil’s questions about GMing professionally, designing Triangle Agency, and what’s in the works for the future of the game. Contains spoilers for the Delta Test General Manager Toolkit. 

Mage the Podcast

Sean Ireland meets with Terry Robinson of MAGE THE PODCAST to discuss conspiracies, corporations, and coffee breaks.

Shrimp and Crits

Ever since the defeat of Agent Goodfellow, the Foreign Anomaly Enforcement has had its hands full. Now the hunt for the illusive REDACTED has a perfectly capable group of agents.

This episode is a standalone part of the “Lost in the Wyld” miniseries!

Halfwits & Failed Crits

Join Agents Hazel (Kiley) and Finn (Laura) on Finn's first mission! Plenty to learn here so take out your tablets and dip your spaghetti in the ink brace as you learn all about what it means to keep our world safe from Anomalies... just like you.

More appearances coming soon!

Want us to join you? Reach us at

Stabilize All Realities Game Jam

Are you a game designer or storyteller? Join us in our mission to Stabilize Reality! This game jam is crossover themed.

Creators from every reality are welcome to contribute Missions, adaptations, Anomaly dossiers, or anything else that might enhance the worlds of both stories.

The Jam is open until July 3rd!

An image with many triangles filled with images from roleplaying games, podcasts, and public domain art. The overall impression is a colorful mashup of very different energies. In the center it says Stabilize All Realities, a crossover game jam for Triangle Agency. The As are turned into triangles.

Check out the game jam page for a full list of featured images!

Who is Haunted Table?

We are an independent game design studio making games that are funny, scary, and everything in-between. Created by long-time professional Game Masters, we design for lively and diverse tables where the rules are part of the play. 

We're committed to pushing the tabletop industry forward by providing revenue sharing for all collaborators.

Triangle Agency is designed by Haunted Table founders Caleb Zane Huett and Sean Ireland!

Haunted Table logo by Michael Shillingburg

A bunch of blue circles with white outlines of a narrow eye in them, turned at various angles.